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Coaching Philosophy

We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach some of the best junior golfers in the world. Because we have had so many different juniors come through our program with all different athletic abilities and skill levels it has given us an opportunity to work with all different types of learning abilities. Because every student is different, we provide different instructions to each of our students with the same goals in mind. Any refinements made to their swings all keep these three goals in mind; are they hitting the ball far enough to compete? Are they controlling and minimizing the curvature of their golf ball? and are they consistent enough with ball impact location to compete at a high level? If they are not meeting these three goals we will guide them along the way to achieving their goals. Kenny has been mentored by some of the top instructors in the world. We understand that there is more than one way to reach these goals and it is more about finding out which instruction will have the most impact on the student in front of us. Through technology (TRACKMAN, 3D Analysis, SAM Putt Lab, V1 Swing analysis) and game assessments we come to these conclusions. We like to measure, assess and then take action. We believe in shooting lower scores.

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Training Programs

Long Term Coaching

When working with a new client there will first have to be a full game skills assessment in order to measure where the student is currently at. Once the assessment is completed then we can devise a plan in efforts to make efficient and timely improvements in our skills. Depending on the allotted time committed by the student, we will set obtainable short term goals and long term goals.  This will involve some group training and private training based on your needs and desires.


If interested in Long Term Training please contact me or Diana Law at the Don Law Golf Academy to discuss getting a plan fit for you. 

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Individual Private Coaching

When taking a individual private lessons we will be covering all the needs and desires of places you feel you need improvement on your game. This is more based on the induvial and what they would like to work on according to them! Here is a list of pricing for hourly rates:

  • One Hour Private: Adult: $150 Junior: $125

  • 5 One Hour Lessons Series: $650 Junior: $550

If interested in Short Term Coaching please contact me to discuss a time and date.


Online Coaching

Online remote coaching made easy! This is coaching I offer through my website. The student will send in a video of Down the Line and Face On camera angles. I will send a swing analysis review along with a practice drill and practice plan for the student to be working on. This works well for my students who would like my help and are self driven but cannot make it to South Florida for a lesson! Here is a list of pricing:

  • One time Swing Anlysis: $50

  • One month Subscription (includes 1 video review a week): $300

  • Yearly subscription (Unlimited swing reviews/practice plans):  $3000

If interested in Online Coaching please contact me through my website.

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